Transgender people in prison – headline news whilst real danger ignored

Twenty-five years ago, homosexuals were regarded as sexual deviants who spread HIV. Now we have another target for the spiteful and the ignorant – transgender women – automatically assumed to be transitioning to have greater access to attack women – what other possible reason could there be for wanting to be a woman?! Adam Graham raped as a man, only deciding he wanted to transition once awaiting trial. The answer to me seems simple – if you sexually offend as a man, you should serve your sentence as a man, and/or prisons should have trans wings.

One transwoman’s experience in a U.S male prison:

I love the way this woman makes the point that the whole penal system is broken, so rather than trying to work out where transpeople can be fitted in, we should be fixing the problem:

I think, as usual, regressive hysteria about transwomen is being stirred up by the press. Yet currently, by simply changing their names, convicted sex offenders slip through safeguarding nets. One mother took justice into her own hands when a convicted sex offender abused her sons – he gave the authorities the slip by changing his name (he wasn’t trans!):

#TransWomenAreConMen #ContraPoints

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