ContraPoints: Trans V some Feminists (TERFS trans-exclusionary radical feminists)

Contra takes us through JK Rowling’s issues with Trans:

I don’t think she’s a muggle! Confused by the transexual rights arguments? Contra explains.

Interesting points: JK Rowling’s latest book is written under the pseudonym – Robert Galbraith. It’s about a crossing-dressing serial killer! This is a cliche – I couldn’t find a single case in reality, whereas male violence against transexual women is more common 57 were murdered in America in 2021.

The hysteria around trans rights reminds me very much of the hysteria around homosexuality – a couple of decades ago. I think the curve of history will bend toward transexual rights.

My favourite ContraPoint’s lines in this episode:

“You wanna put the sorting hat on humanity and divide us up into little houses? Well, what if I’m a Gryffindor trapped in Hufflepuff body?”

“I can’t wait until trans have so many rights we can make fun of us…there’s a lot to work with!”

Talking about trans stereotypes, “I am categorically not a sexual demon……(in a seductive voice)…unless you want me to be!”

Talking about the progress in trans rights in the last decade, “So that now there are trans who don’t even hate themselves!”

Talking about how many mass killers in movies are cross-dressers, “Don’t worry if you have only killed a few: you’re still valid!”

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