Spot it & block it…

Ex Bully-in-chief

Bullies groom to see how manipulateable/bully-able someone is. See an early attempt by Donald J Trump to bully Larry King…

Thanks to Nick Fewings for the use of this image

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I’m changing tack:

instead of bugging you all stupid about the next launch date, I’m offering individual launches at times and on dates that suit you. At the ones I’ve held thus far, I never spoken for more than 1 hour; it is interactive, so any extra time has been due participants questions. Launches are ALL FREE, so… Continue reading I’m changing tack:

If you are parenting vulnerable young people

I’ve just finished reading “You’ll Never Make Love in This Town Again” about prostitution in Hollywood, and what comes across, again and again, is to protect your daughters or anyone vulnerable DON’T bring them up to be ‘Nice’ ‘A people pleaser’ yes employers like ‘keen’ however anyone who is exploitative will spot a people pleaser… Continue reading If you are parenting vulnerable young people