Bullies and harassers groom (consciously or unconsciously)

Why is that a game changer?

Because knowledge is power, if you know the multiple ways in which they groom and how to respond appropriately, you’ll join the ranks of those who never get bullied or harassed at work or anywhere else!

Deconstructing Weinstein via Melissa Thompson & Zelda Perkins

How to use what we’ve learnt about Weinstein to stop all sexual harassment at work.

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What some politicians are really like.

Kathryn Stone on facing intimidation as parliamentary commissioner for standards Brilliant interview with Cathy Newman https://tinyurl.com/28aw4f3y Unsurprisingly, politics attracts abusive personalities after status, power, and opportunities. Do selection panels have any competency in spotting discrepancies – someone who can spot evasion and will hone in on areas an applicant is trying to avoid? Would Boris…

How police treat children

https://tinyurl.com/yy7z47v3 I thought child Q was a one-off – she, a black child, strip-searched without an appropriate adult. To reassure child Q this wouldn’t happen again, Dame Rachel de Souza (Children’s Commissioner for England) asked for strip search figures for children and was shocked by the results. I want to know why these children were…