Bullies and harassers groom (consciously or unconsciously)

Why is that a game changer?

Because knowledge is power, if you know the multiple ways in which they groom and how to respond appropriately, you’ll join the ranks of those who never get bullied or harassed at work or anywhere else!

Deconstructing Weinstein via Melissa Thompson & Zelda Perkins

How to use what we’ve learnt about Weinstein to stop all sexual harassment at work.

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This is a sick man

Warning content in the link below is disturbing; don’t watch it if you could be triggered Reuters https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-66882644 The indecent exposure, which he admits, is something that could him on the sexual offenders register. Indecent exposure is on the spectrum for rape. Rapists often start their sexual offending ‘career’ with indecent exposure, so women should…

Full kamikaze

I hope the public can see through this – electioneering. Having started the industrial revolutions, there is a moral imperative that we are among first through the exit. How desperate must Sunak be to claim he’s thrown out tax on meat and households needing seven bins – neither of which have even been in a…

Barclay useless-twiting as usual

Barclay agrees to a consultation with a well know reporter about care for her long-covid husband but refuses to meet the doctors to talk about their pay. Susanna points out that NHS strikes have cost us, since April, 1 billion, had junior doctors been given 12% as agreed in Scotland, that would have cost between…