Bullies and harassers groom, why is that a game changer? Because knowledge is power, if you know the multiple ways in which they groom and how to respond appropriately you’ll join the ranks of those who never get bullied or harassed at work.

Deconstructing Weinstein via Melissa Thompson & Zelda Perkins

How to use what we’ve learnt about Weinstein to stop all sexual harassment at work.

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The most useful superpowers that can be given to workers.

In essence empowered workers protect their colleagues and the businesses they work for. The launch of bully-proofing in the workplace is today at 12-Noon. I will talk about what I teach and why it works! I will change the way you think about bullying & harassment. Please find the zoom below on which to join… Continue reading The most useful superpowers that can be given to workers.

Bully-proof for life

Bullies want employers who give them Status, Power, and Opportunity. So they are particularly attracted to the Film and TV industry, Banking, Charity Sector, Faith Organisations, Politics, Police, Public Services, Army, and most unfortunately of all, the NHS, but you can meet them anywhere. You may have a bully in your family, amongst your friends,… Continue reading Bully-proof for life