Why police deserve gyp

When you are a public servant, you must treat the public, no matter what, with respect.

Male police officers must be getting so much gyp, especially from young women, “Why should I cooperate? You gonna rape me?” I’d be surprised if any male police officer hasn’t been on the receiving end of that one. Why am I not sympathetic? It’s not because I think all police officers are bad. I don’t; however, my definition of a good police officer might differ. I think a good police officer should stand for the highest professional standards; a good police officer, as a public servant, treats everyone, no matter what they might have done, with respect. A good police officer, as a fully psychologically developed adult, can manage their own behaviour; a good police officer has a loyalty to the job, that is so strong, they will call out or report behaviour that falls short even if that officer is of superior rank.

What I’d ask people applying to be a police officer:

  1. When was the last time you were ashamed of your behaviour?
  2. What have you since done to change it?
  3. When did you last lose your temper?
  4. What have you since done to control it?
  5. When you’ve seen unacceptable behaviour, what did you see, and what did you do?
  6. What is unconscious bias?
  7. Which ones might you have, and how will you stop them from affecting how you do the job?

Or am I out of date and they already ask these questions?

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