Ten reasons why questioning dictates life outcomes

Questioning can change peoples’ minds.

Ten reasons not to let fear prevent you asking questions

  1. Because understanding is a basic competence.
  2. Because asking questions helps cognitive development.
  3. Asking questions is a human right.
  4. Asking questions are a quest for personal growth.
  5. Questioning someone is assertive and abusive personalities often shrink when confronted with a direct, polite question.
  6. Questioning in some jobs can save lives
  7. Questioning prevents accidents
  8. Asking questions can change a person’s mind.
  9. Asking questions can change behaviour
  10. Asking questions can promote collaboration

I only became really confident asking questions when I became a union rep aged 38. In that role you learn by asking questions, you have to ask questions on behalf of your members. Please don’t leave it as long as I did.


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