Why asking questions is crucial

Children who are not confident enough in school to ask questions will grow into adults who will get bullied.

If you have a child or were a child who was ever afraid to ask questions in school, the higher and more pervasive that fear, the greater the chance of being a target of bullies as an adult. Why? Because to question is to assert oneself. Often merely questioning something that doesn’t feel right, puts bullies off – nipping any potential campaign in the bud. For example when entering a workplace others may take advantage but first they will test what their potential target will tolerate: a First Assistant Director in TV Drama might dismiss a new runner’s experience, if that new runner tolerates that behaviour the bully may blame their target for the schedule running behind. Whereas a confident new runner could respond by saying that considering this is their first job, they will make mistakes but with patient guidance they’ll learn.

Some children will have experiences outside of school that will resolve those confidence issues; however, many will not.


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