The health service is dying

According to a BMA survey, two-thirds of junior doctors are considering leaving the NHS

Taken from article by Dr Kath Fielder a GP and a spokesperson for the advocacy group EveryDoctor for the Independant 30th of October 2022 (whole article: )

“Covid is also not to blame. It made things a lot worse, but I believe the destruction of the NHS was already underway well before the pandemic. In addition, I do not believe that the recent “musical chairs” surrounding the Conservative Party leadership has the potential to change anything fundamental about the core values of this government.

The combined service of social care and the NHS is just not working, and patients and staff are coming to unnecessary harm as a result. The fact that it doesn’t work is due to a chronic lack of resources and a huge increase in demand. I believe this is deliberate: the health service is already being privatised. The £34bn promised in the 2019 Conservative manifesto has not made it to hospital wards and community services. Combine this with contracts being given to private businesses and the deliberate dismantling of services, and the result is that good health – along with the ability to access care – is now directly proportional to income.

We are told that there is not enough funding for the NHS. I am convinced that there is enough to run core services effectively. But while we have a government that sees no value in investing in the health and wellbeing of the people of this country, the NHS will not survive. The endless deception and empty rhetoric are becoming increasingly difficult to take, and I wanted to share my experience of working under this government, and what it is doing to my patients and colleagues.” – what the health secretary should be doing also by Dr Kath Fielder

A&E departments look like mash units – war zones, “I can’t treat patients in a cupboard!”

Already large parts of the NHS have been privatised – I worry that the Conservatives will use the crisis they’ve built over the last 12 years, to privatise more – companies sweeping up services in the spirit of ‘helping’ – however, that help will come with strings attached! If you want to understand what will happen in a privatised health service look at how much dentists and opticians charge.

Article for Nuffield Trust exploring rates of staff leaving the NHS and social care by Billy Palmer and Lucina Rolewicz

I think the problem is that the Tories don’t care, for them the NHS is a inconvienent truth they’d like to privatize. The fact Rishi Sunak won’t confirm or deny his own use of private health care tells you everything you need to know about his integrity. Did anyone else feel patronized by Sunack’s new year address – we just need to change our character as a nation! It reminded me of being lectured by a concerned 6th former

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