What the Tories would need to do to have any chance of winning the next election.

Odd thing for Labour Party member to do – advise Tories on how to win!

However, I’m safe as I’m pretty sure they’d never do it – Tory party members would never let them do it! Remember they elected Liz – I’m harder than Thatcher – Truss.

Currently, the Tory party has reverted back to being the nasty party

To survive Rishi Sunak needs to

  1. Sack Steve Barclay, and negotiate with nurses himself. Watching Barclay trying to blame health care workers, the people we clapped during covid, for the mess he can’t negotiate his way out of is like watching a man trying to club seals… and missing. Go seals!
  2. Find a way to settle disputes with nurses and ambulance workers – you introduced the furlough because you had to; now, to survive, you have to settle all NHS disputes. Not doing so will destroy you and put Tories out of office for at least a decade. Enable rail companies to settle disputes with rail workers.
  3. Make good on Dave Cameron’s pledge, “We’re all in this together” – tax all those who made abnormal profits from the pandemic and aftershocks – that’s fair, and right now FAIR really counts.

#SackSteveBarclay #SaveOurNHS

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