Bed sores are the direct result of too few nurses, and bedsores can kill.

My aunty Christine (Creech) joined the NHS at its inception as a nurse and left, she said, because she couldn’t nurse to the standard to which she had been trained, and that was back in the late 1980s! A patient lying in a hospital bed should be repositioned at least once every 2 hours; if they aren’t, the result is bedsores. Bedsores, aunty Chris told me, were a sign of bad nursing or, as we have now, a sign of too few nurses. There are currently 50,000 nursing vacancies in the NHS; to recruit more nurses, you need to pay them more.

NHS guidance on bedsores

Nursing shortages have increased since this report on bedsore deaths.

Report on ticking time bomb of nurse shortages

“The new WHO report found that, on the whole, the UK lags behind many European countries in the total number of nurses available to care for the population.

Data suggests there were just 85 nurses per 10,000 people currently in the UK in 2020, compared to between 100 and 200 per 10,000 people in other western and northern European countries.

The UK is also training fewer nurses than other countries, with 31 new nursing graduates per 100,000 people in 2018, compared to more than 40 new graduates a year per 100,000 in France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and more than 70 in Norway, Finland and Romania.” Nursing Times 15th September 2022.

This is a Tory government-created problem. I think the nurses’ strike could be this tory government’s poll tax!

In praise of an unknown woman giving the health minister a piece of her mind – what is beautiful here is the unintended honesty – he has no answer!

#BedsoresCanKill #SaveOurNHS #SupportNHStrikes

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