Contrast the bravery of Iran’s football team with FIFA’s cowardice!

Contrast the courage this must have taken with FIFA’s Gianni Infantino’s I feel your pain speech

What did Qatar threaten FIFA with? That they’d cancel the world cup? I think they would have lost more than FIFA and the message would have been awesome. Perhaps Fifa had already contractually got an agreement that their culture would be respected? Still, the courage of the Iranian football team makes Gianna Infantino look like a mouse, he won’t be sent to prison, he won’t be killed, and his wife and children have nothing to fear. I’d have more respect for him if he’d said simply it was set up 12 years ago, and from now on we won’t go to countries where homosexuality is illegal. There are only 69 countries out of 197 where this is the case.

#Fifa #IranianFootballers1FIFA0

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