Beware of asking for help to care for your autistic child – they may end up incarcerated for years!

Two extraordinary reports by ITV News Scotland Correspondent Peter Smith and words by ITV News Producer Reshma Rumsey When ten-year-old Aiden Thomas’ mother asked her local authority repeatedly for help caring for her son Aiden who is autistic and has learning disabilities, nothing was done until he had a crisis. At which time he was sectioned – so his mother lost parental rights – he was sedated, put in a room alone – with a mattress on the floor and no toys. Then the hospitals intimidate parents, like Aiden’s mum, into remaining silent. One parent would only speak if their identity were kept anonymous, for fear that there might otherwise be repercussions for their child!

Aiden Thomas, ten years old, sedated and left alone in a room with nothing.

Adam Downs whose only crime is to have autism and a learning disability – is currently incarcerated in Rampton Hospital along with some of the UK’s most violent criminals. Often the circumstance in which these children and adults are kept makes their disability worse – which in the eyes of clinicians, makes it more suitable that they stay even longer! Adam Downs has been incarcerated in secure hospital units for over 15 years. Local Authorities can’t afford to fund the care needed, so they dump the people they should be caring for on the NHS:

Imprisoned for being neuro-diverse and having a learning disability; if that isn’t a hate crime, I don’t know what is!

#FreeAidenThomas #FreeAdamDowns

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