If I were religious I’d be saying God Bless America

Or should that be God help her… and us?

“Donald Trump vs Ron DeSantis — the battle of the Republican big beasts

Once considered a Trump protégé, the governor of Florida is now being touted as the party’s next big White House hopeful — if Trump allows it, says Sarah Baxter: https://tinyurl.com/3mpx6wjw

I’m not having a pop at America – Russia elected an ex-member of the KGB – and not getting an increase in freedom as a result, America elected an ex-reality star – didn’t get much reality as a result, and the UK elected a lazy privately educated school boy and didn’t anything good as a result just a lot of unfulfilled promises and a lot of lies! Who, in addition, persuaded UK voters to leave the most successful trading block that has ever existed anywhere on planet earth by Trump like half-truths, lies, and racism.

Instead of fighting one country that goes so far right-wing populist/nationalist, we had no choice; we have to fight right-wing populism/nationalism at home in all our countries!


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