Why was the police officer, who was already being investigated for indecent exposure, allowed to keep his warrant card?

It’s so obvious that police under investigation for serious offences should not be allowed to retain their warrant unless or until they have been cleared.

‘Sack sexist and racist officers’ Met police report rules

Guardian Sunday 16th October 2022

Exclusive: Louise Casey’s long-awaited review will say the force has allowed ‘abhorrent’ officers to stay in its ranks


It was by showing Sarah Everard his warrant card that Cousins persuaded her to let him handcuff and drive her away to her death. I don’t get it; there seems to be a mistaken belief that loyalty is the most important element to policing, which is just plain wrong! It should be loyalty to the job, to upholding the highest standards, and reporting those who don’t. I know there is a chain of command, and I’m not talking about minor issues – but I don’t think anyone could call the recent failings in the Met minor!

Martha Kearney, BBC Radio 4 interviews Baroness Louise Casey

Full interview: https://bbc.in/3CFP5no

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