Greta Thunberg says she doesn’t want a career in politics because it’s too toxic!

She has a point, but to change it needs quality people
Your priority was to act in the interests of the Tory party members who elected you – so trying to take the moral high ground now is not credible.

What I found so terrible about what Liz Truss wanted to do was that it was all about delivering to the Tory party members that it had no moral basis – making the rich richer and helping the poor a bit, but with inflation, they will still be poorer. I knew when David Cameron said, ‘Were all in this together,’ that was the most significant political lie in my life, but then Boris Johnson was elected prime minister! The biggest tragedy is that Boris’s massive brain was not put to use for the UK, but rather he used it to get away with not doing things he’d promised and lying. Next time perhaps qualification for office rather than charism will win the election.

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