Violence that used to occupy the terraces has moved to the grassroots!

By Sarah Rendell & Michael Short BBC Sport 11th October 2022

“Referee abuse: FA issued 380 bans for grassroots match official attacks last season

Bans were handed to 380 players and coaches for attacking or threatening referees and match officials in English grassroots football last season...

“we cannot allow this toxic behaviour to continue to escalate”.

Keith Radcliffe, a senior referee in the league, told BBC Radio 5 Live the issue “seems to be across the whole of the country” and the the league had decided to “take a stance” in postponing more than 70 games. There are 1,100 leagues and 18,500 clubs across all ages in England…

Last weekend, a referee suffered significant injuries when he was attacked while officiating a game between Platt Bridge FC and Wigan Rose FC on Sunday, and Greater Manchester Police (GMP) arrested a 24-year-old.

Radcliffe added: “It’s parents, managers, coaches. They constantly bombard officials with a must-win attitude and say ‘you’ve got it wrong’. They all want to have the next Messi and Ronaldo, because they couldn’t be…

It can’t continue. If it doesn’t stop, referees are actually getting physically assaulted and there is going to be a national strike.”


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