It’s complicated and the law doesn’t help!

“I don’t understand because all I ever done was to love him.”

Escaping a violent relationship is complicated. Tricked into a relationship on the false premise that this new partner is wonderful, kind, supportive, what could possibly go wrong! Once they have their prize contained, the abuse begins; time and time again, women return to their abuser (sometimes the target is a man, still a lot less common.) Targets return to violent abusers because they are triggered by the memory of how ‘perfect’ that abuser ‘can’ be. They return because the abuser manipulates them through memories, their children, and even by threatening suicide. They return because they fear the abuser will kill them and or their children if they leave.

Victim Commissioner says, “While the police have a power of arrest where an officer believes that conditions imposed on pre-charge bail have been breached, this is not a criminal offence and, in practice, pre-charge bail conditions are often simply not enforced” leaving women unprotected. At least social services class domestic violence as child abuse, chances to escape generational contagion are crucial. Please watch the BAFTA award-winning film “Behind closed doors” (2016 below)

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