I suspect that workload, groupthink and professional arrogance are somewhere at the heart of this:

Leiland-James Corkill with his birth mother Laura Corkill. Social workers tried to get the Laura to take responsibility for their mistakes!


Baby Leiland-James Corkill was murdered by foster parent Laura Castle whom social workers saw as an appropriate adoptive parent for the child. What gets me is that Cumbria County Council social workers wrote a eulogy for the birth mother to read, which included the lines, “I’m sorry for not being the parent you needed.” I want to know more about why the baby was taken away in the first place. The mother had been a victim of domestic violence in the past. However, domestic violence victim support workers had put forward a plan to support the mother – why was this plan not supported? These kinds of issues need to be explored, or social services may put women off escaping abusive relationships + someone may need to challenge group thinking amongst social workers or their management! Talk about victim blaming. Though I appreciate social workers are overworked. There needs to be some standards for how many cases each social worker is expected to manage. Exhaustion makes individuals less able to challenge group thinking that may not be in the best interests of the child – which may well have been the case with Leiland James Corkill.

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