To a lesser extent, I am a male-identified woman

Being a daddy’s girl can affect the way you see women

A male-identified woman is one, “who defends and protects problematic men and blames women for men’s wrongdoings.” I say “to a lesser extent” because I am aware of it and since my Greenham Common days constantly check myself for it, who’s eyes am I seeing this through, especially if being critical of another woman.

Regarding domestic violence my first reaction, was why don’t they just leave? Obviously aged 16, I hadn’t taken on board the complications of children, money, and that leaving can be the most dangerous thing an abused partner can do.

The other most harmful myth regarding domestic violence is that women somehow provoke the violence – You made me do this – rather than the abuser looking for any excuse to do what they want to do – abuse. I heard a domestic violent abuser challenged once:

Counselor: Why did you hit your partner

DA: She provoked me

Counselor: So if you boss at work ‘provoked’ you, you would hit them?

The fact the domestic abuser had no response says it all: domestic abusers abuse because they can get away with it. Why do I cover the issue? Because it is an extreme of bullying.


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