The duty to warn

“I remember the first practice we had Travis Knight on the team and you proceed to annulate this kid everything from talking trash to him – he was afraid to get on the bus. One thing I’ve noticed about you from the job is that you didn’t respect people you could bully and you’d test them, see if they let you get away with it.”

Kobe Bryant interviewing Shaquille O’Neal (retired US Professional basketball players) about when Kobe joined the team.

I’ve seen this happen in TV too – a location manager was warned that a director would bully those who, “Couldn’t give a good account of themselves.” (old fashion way of implying lack of confidence with incompetence.) Being warned is so important as Zelda Perkins said about working for Weinstein. The warning she got to always sit in an armed chair, never to sit next to him on a sofa, and always to keep her puffer jacket on. Zelda said the warning was so important as it meant that she could prepare herself to respond robustly, and it meant that she wasn’t as frightened because she knew it had happened before to other people. In the case of the location manager – the location owner wasn’t home when the production team arrived to recce the location. The Director started to kick off. The location manager said, “What do you want me to do, I can’t produce them out of thin air, they must be stuck in traffic, get yourself a tea on the minibus, they’ll be here soon.” Problem solved the director didn’t cause the location manager any problems. However, this isn’t my point – bullying as testing is childish, unfair, and unacceptable even in sports.

Can you imagine David Beckham bullying anyone? At best bullying is laziness!

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