Tim Westwood: a creepy white man, piggybacking a black art form, using inappropriate touching & shock tactics to abuse black girls!


Tim Westwood work as a DJ for the BBC for 20 years – that’s a lot of power. What safeguarding did the BBC do – was this man hazard assessed? Was he sacked as a result of concerns? The BBC would “neither confirm or deny” – interesting… so yes then?

“If your actively trying to touch me and I’m pushing your hands away, that means I don’t want to do anything with you. If you are trying to remove an item of my clothing and I put it back on that means I don’t want it to be gone. If I’m showing you that I’m uncomfortable why would you not just stop doing it?”

” How have I just let myself be subjected to that, that’s how I felt.” The work experience Tim had promised never happened. Of course it didn’t, he’d got what he wanted.

It starts playing on someone’s dreams, then inappropriately touching, exposing himself then rape

#TimWestwood #AbusingBlackWomen #WhyAreUTouchingMe #wiseUPourgirls

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