Liam Byrnes’ fauxpology

I think the Labour Party should remove the whip until he makes a genuine apology rather than blaming his target by saying he should have disciplined them!

Guardian Thursday 28th April 2022

“Liam Byrne says he is ‘profoundly sorry’ for bullying a member of staff”

Liam Byrnes explains his behaviour – instead of bullying a member of his staff, he should have disciplined them. Nevertheless, he did extend their contract!

“The Labour MP Liam Byrne has issued a statement saying he is “profoundly sorry” for bullying a member of his staff. He said he was glad that the panel that investigated the complaint, and recommended a two-day suspension as punishment (see 11.30am), recognised his remorse. He said

“Two years ago at the beginning of lockdown, following a workplace dispute that led me to send the complainant home … I did not resolve the dispute correctly with a proper disciplinary process, and having nevertheless extended the complainant’s contract, thereby failed to fulfill my obligations as an employer and parliament’s behaviour code.

This constituted an ostracism which was a breach of parliament’s behaviour code which I strongly support, and caused distress for which I am profoundly sorry. I have apologised in full to the individual concerned.

I’m incredibly grateful to the panel for recognising the genuine remorse I felt about the impact on the individual concerned, the steps I have already taken to ensure this never happens again, along with the work still to do, and for concluding that I did not deliberately act to delay the investigation.

This has been a valuable lesson for me and one I am determined to learn, as me and my team seek to offer the best possible service and voice for the residents of Hodge Hill.

Labour spokesperson said: “The Labour party fully supports the recommendations of this independent report, including the proposed sanction.”

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