What the police did to child Q would have felt like a sexual assault.

Met. police officers who took a black child, child Q, out of an exam, forced her to strip, take off her pants and sanitary towel, and made her spread her legs. That would be traumatic at any age but 15! Why would the Met. want to keep officers that would strip and intimate body search a child? Sure if the child was in immediate danger but this was because teachers thought she smelt of cannabis. So these police officers have traumatized a child effectively for a bit of weed – which they found no evidence of in her possessions, so they thought this reasonable grounds for an intimate body search. https://tinyurl.com/5yppr6fw

As a bog-standard member of the public, I’m beginning to wonder when the Met are going to get it – they are public servants, paid for by the public – so should respect all of that public irrespective of, disability, gender, gender reassignment, race and sexual orientation – to categorise recent scandals. I think things will only change when decent officers stop tolerating it. Like football has been kicking out racism, police officers need to be enabled to call out inappropriate behaviour and attitudes. Perhaps there should be 360 appraisals, perhaps even from members of the public. Police officers should bear some responsibility for reporting unacceptable behaviours, if they witness something unacceptable, another officer does, they should be obliged to report it and there should be sanctions if they do not as to tolerate it defines them as part of the problem. #childQ

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