Zelda Perkins (from the clips I posted about Weinstein) wants to speak to anyone who has signed an NDA with a UK Broadcaster?

Zelda Perkins ‘Can’t Buy My Silence’

Hi everyone,

I am the founder of ‘Can’t Buy My Silence’ – we are a campaign committed to building a global coalition to ban the misuse of NDAs to buy victims’ silence after my experience signing an NDA with Harvey Weinstein.

I’m looking to speak to anyone who has signed non-disclosure agreements with a UK broadcaster.

Channel 4 is continuing to publicly deny the existence of NDAs to cover up wrongdoing. If you have experience of being silenced by Channel 4 – or any other broadcaster – please let me know.

I can, of course, assure you of complete confidence. Please drop me a DM.

Your voice will be heard


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