How to end sexual abuse

Please watch ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ while it’s free on channel 4.

It’s six hours, it’s a hard watch but crucial. I’d make part of the school curriculum – no decent parent wouldn’t want their child to see what can happen and to have considered what they will do if and when anything similar happens to them. I hadn’t considered before how perpetrators use the vulnerability in them to attract the vulnerable. Also, it shows how controlling personalities get control. So if you are a teacher or a parent of vulnerable teens, watch it with them.

3 critical dates – to learn how to stop all abusive behaviours. 

Please chose 1 or 3 and or send option 2 to anyone you know who has EVER BEEN BULLIED OR HARASSED.

1. 12-noon Tuesday 16th November FREE 1-hour launch of Bully-proofing webinars, find out what I do and why it works – challenge me

2. 10.00 am Saturday 20th November first 3-hour Bully-proofing webinar. As this webinar comes from trade union experience, this webinar is discounted for trade union members.

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