Let’s look at bullying and harassment from the perpetrator’s POV

I believe communal garden varieties are trying to satisfy a need to feel stronger than they feel they are – a shortfall they won’t be able to satisfy. This is why, in most cases, bullies are serial offenders. In addition, some use bullying to cover their own failings – someone else to blame. Some of the even nastier varieties have additional ‘needs’ – they wish to get away with other illegal activity – I think Weinstein bullied because he wanted to get away with sexually assaulting and raping women. Let us not forget that for decades this worked for him! And he displayed the other common feature, trying to come up with an excuse – sexual addiction. Or once caught, bullies come up with colossal crisis excuses to blindside, put off examination. ‘My mother is dying,’ for example or ‘I’m gravely ill’ or a new favourite, “I have mental health issues.” I always advised those challenging to say, “I am sorry to hear you are ill, but nothing excuses abusive behaviour and we will need a sick note from your GP and/or will send you to occupational health.” 

There are NO acceptable excuses for abusive behaviours – I hope we all know fully formed grown-up human beings who would NEVER behave abusively no matter what they are going through. That is the standard to which we should all be held.

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  1. Great post, Jane! And I so agree! Bullies have an insatiable appetite to abuse and that’s why they’re repeat offenders. Bullying their target is like a drug to them. They’re addicted to the power high it gives them.

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