It is ALL MEN!

Impossilbe not to write about Sarah Everard. It made me feel so frustrated and depressed, imagining how terrified she must have been when she realised this was not a legitimate arrest and what a kick that must have been for him!

So little has changed since the first reclaim the night protests back in 1977. Women still don’t feel safe and to #notallmen. When I’m walking in the park as dusk falls, it is ALL MEN, ANY MAN walking behind me that I don’t know. On one occasion, I ran, tripped, and the man ran after me to check, “Are you Ok.” How unaware do you have to be not to fall back, stop and wait for the woman to get far enough away not to fear you? How thick do you have to be – or do you too enjoy our fear?

I was stopped for a traffic offense at night a few years ago; I just got a warning, but the lone male officer made me sit in his car, and he clearly enjoyed the power he had over me; NEVER AGAIN will I cooperate like that. FOR WOMEN TO GAIN TRUE EQUALITY, MEN WILL HAVE TO REGARD THEMSELVES AS LESS, AND THAT’S THE PROBLEM. Reclaim the night this year – how do we illustrate our anger peacefully? #saraheverard #reclaimthenight

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