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3 things attract bullies and harassers to an industry: Status, Power, and Opportunity. The sectors at most risk from them are Politics, Media and Entertainment, Banking & financial sectors, the Charity sector, and the NHS. Bullies and harassers can work in any industry; however, those above prove particularly attractive to them. It’s no coincidence that Jimmy Savile worked for the BBC, giving him access to the charity sector and the NHS or that Harvey Weinstein prowled Hollywood. I think it’s probable that a culture of bullying and harassment was one of the factors that facilitated the financial crash of 2008.

My bully-proofing webinars and workshops are the first and only webinars & workshops of their type anywhere. I upskill potential targets, HR, and management to spot perpetrators before they strike and to challenge their behaviour at the grooming stage, politely but effectively before it hurts anyone, before it damages organisational reputation or productivity.

Statistically, at least 1 in 4 of you has been bullied and harassed in the workplace – that’s over 200 of you; even more of you have witnessed it or seen the damage done to colleagues, friends, or relatives. 

It is preventable – give me 1 hour – chose 1 of the 3 options below, and I’ll tell you about what I teach and why it works.

3 critical dates – please chose one.

1. 12-noon Tuesday 16th November FREE 1-hour launch of Bully-proofing webinars, find out what I do and why it works – challenge me: https://tinyurl.com/68vf58mw

2. 10.00 am Saturday 20th November first 3-hour Bully-proofing webinar. As this webinar comes from trade union experience, this webinar is discounted for trade union members.

£11.49 for trade union members and £22.34 for non-union members: https://tinyurl.com/y7utyyhh

3. Or I have been holding individual FREE launches – message me a date and 1 hour that suits you – you won’t be disappointed. What I teach represents the most significant empowerment given to potential targets of bullying and harassment. Let me take you on safari.

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