What’s wrong with how boys are taught to be men, and it’s a 15-year-old girl who pays the price.

A girl rebuffs a boy – a friend of the girl intervenes and pays the ultimate price

Elianne Adams, 15, was stabbed in Croydon after intervening in a row between her pal and an ex-boyfriend. An ex-boyfriend who thinks that it is legitimate to use violence against women.

Where did that boy learn that violence against women is a solution? Where was this boy radicalised? Was it by the likes of Andrew Tate, or did he learn the lesson closer to home? Domestic violence is a legitimate reason to take children into care if the target continues the relationship with the perpetrator. It’s done to break generational cycles of violence.

Domestic violence breeds violence; there’s not the youth clubs nor the police to provide enough intervention. Those brought up in such homes or abused in other ways self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. We need to fund community-based solutions. Places that teach boys different, positive ways to be a man. It’s men who need to own these problems and to lead the solutions.

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