Bye-bye, Boris?

My favourite cartoon of Boris summarising the personality cult that he is

According to The Guardian, cartoonists are in mourning:

Boris is doing a classic DARVO – Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim, and Offender. Surely he can’t get away with calling a committee, the majority of which are conservatives; a kangaroo court – pure Trump.

My favourite quote of the day comes from Boris’ best frenemy Michael Gove, “I hope that he has an opportunity to spend time with his family.” Interesting to look again at the interview Gove gave when he pulled out of supporting Boris for party leader the first time he tried to run in 2016. I think Gove got the measure of him:

Best political move goes to Sunak – can he finish Boris off? Who will provide the stake? Or will Boris finish the Conservatives’ hopes in the next election?


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