I’m supportive of trans rights but not to the point where science is ignored, and cis women lose.

Daley Thompson telling it like it is

There’s always a lot of heat when a new movement hits what the current reality is. One day I hope that sports-wise, transwomen will be able to compete with transwomen, and transmen will be able to compete against transmen. That would be fair and inclusive for all. Currently, there is no way transmen could compete with cis men.

Surely part of transitioning from man to woman means taking onboard a woman’s vulnerability – understanding that transwomen should be sensitive to any threat they may pose to cis women. They can’t credibly bring male privilege with them if they want to be women.

The fears about women’s changing rooms could be addressed by having individual or trans changing rooms. Let’s face it cis men could dress up as women to access women’s changing room as it is. I would be prepared to share a women’s changing room with a transwoman post-surgery. Transwomen need to get cis women on board rather than trample them underfoot.

#womensrights #transrights

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