“Subtle Acts Of Exclusion”

This is the standard text for anyone who wants to avoid looking like a prat

Everything you ever wanted to know about Microaggressions but were too afraid to ask

You need to read this book if you work in HR, are a manager, are a trade union rep, or if you are anyone who doesn’t want to look like a prat! Or rather, when you do – know how to deal with the issues gracefully. Microaggressions are a scary topic because usually, the intention of the Initiator of the microaggression is the opposite of what they actually say. The ‘intention’ is the opposite of the ‘impact.’ For example, if a manager overpraises a black member of their team. They are trying to be encouraging and inclusive, but what comes across to the Subject is that their success was unexpected, and they are considered childlike. Microaggressions don’t happen to people from marginalized groups once in a while; they happen ALL the time and have a cumulative effect on the Subject.

#antiracism #diversity #inclusion #privilege #SubtleActsOfExclusion #SAEs @docjana_ @MichaelDBaran

#antiracism #diversity #inclusion #privilege #SubtleActsOfExclusion #SAEs @docjana_ @MichaelDBaran

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