What is and is not important about the Phillip Schofield scandal

Yes, the scandal is being used for homophobic hate purposes, but there are aspects that are important image BBC

BBC interview: https://tinyurl.com/ms84u6da

It is being used to fuel homophobia – that is important; our culture should have moved on further by now; that it may have been an abuse of power is critical – how much that was the case will, I hope, be fully explored by the investigation ITV has commissioned. Does the press want to link it to his brother – a convicted sex offender? You bet they do – how many front covers can they get out of this? ITV is panicking Savile, Savile, Savile is all their hearing; that’s why it seems so overblown currently.

The worse abuse of power for sexual gratification that I heard about happening in television was related to me by a trustworthy colleague. She told me that a junior member of a production team who was clearly having mental health issues was seduced by a senior member of that team who was married! I felt sick when she told me I knew him, and it fitted with his attitude to women – useable wherever and whenever possible. Relationships happen, stuff happens, but clear abuses of power need to be addressed in an employer’s policy. Clear abuses of power should count as gross misconduct. The right thing happened in that Phillip Schofield resigned but had that young man been a young woman, would there have been nearly as much fuss – no, of course not, and that’s wrong. In fact, had it been a young woman, it would probably be seen as her own fault!

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