FA trialing bodycams for grassroots referees – what a brilliant idea – why not roll it out to others who get abused at work?

Just imagine if those working in healthcare or education wore these

Healthcare and teaching have two of the highest incidence of violence at work. Just imagine if those on the receiving end wore these—a way of holding those who attack workers accountable. Obviously reasonable adjustment needs to be made for those having mental health crises but losing your temper because of waiting times in A&E is not a mental health crises and it’s the worker who activates them. While recording, the abusive person can see themselves in action! Even just having them is improving behaviour at grassroots football matches: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/65163919

Patronising young women – teen referee talking about how it makes her feel: https://tinyurl.com/32n2h6yc

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