In domestically violent situations, the safety of the children must come first.

Can the authorities do more to get mother and children out earlier?

It is very hard that women on the receiving end of domestic violence can have their children taken into care. In this particular case, the mother has been found guilty of causing or allowing the death of her daughter. Was Clare’s law followed? Had this man been domestically violent before? If so did the police warn the mother, Sinead James, about him? Sinead James had a domestic violence advisor to whom she didn’t reveal the extent of the violence. Perhaps like the sex offenders register, we need a domestic violence register to protect mothers and children. A mother who cannot put the safety of her children before the man she ‘loves’ should lose their children. Sinead James admitted, “If I had got him out of the house my daughter would still be alive today.” Could the authorities have done more to facilitate that?


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