“Expecting high standards” is the most common excuse given for bullying.

Photo Reuters “High pressured environment” and “Holding people to high standards” will be used to defend Dominic Raab

If a “High pressured environment” or “Holding people to high standards” is used to defend Dominic Raab, I hope it doesn’t work. ‘Expecting high standards’ implies ‘justifiable’ unpleasant repercussions if those ‘high standards’ are unmet. Being told that a standard has not been met and being humiliated are two different things. ‘Concerns’ about how Raab treated staff go back as far as when he was Brexit secretary in 2018. I hope we all know decent grown-up individuals who would behave decently no matter what – shouldn’t that be the standard we demand of all our politicians?

The most popular managers in the BBC were always firm but fair. If people fell short, they weren’t humiliated or yelled at. The situation was dealt with respectfully. I know managers who have had to fire people, yet those people still liked the manager – because they were treated with respect. Bullying is not a high standard! Bullying, at the very least, is emotional incompetenceIf a minister can not even manage their own behaviour, why are they trusted at allThis could be an excellent time to draw a line about how ministers can and cannot behave. If Rishi Sunak has integrity, he will draw that line.

By Kate Whannel Political reporter, BBC News: https://tinyurl.com/48b7hky4

I find what Raab said to Laura Kuenssberg very interesting

“It was right for ministers to ‘challenge assumptions and test ideas’ when working with civil servants, he added.

‘I think for the lion’s share of the time civil servants and ministers work very effectively together.'” Distancing to a wider pool? What exactly does he mean by ‘challenge’ and ‘test’? In this interview, Raab looks guilty about something: https://tinyurl.com/yckrmjvr

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