Ok, it’s a bunch of blokes (mostly), who are better paid than nurses, but there is a principle here!

One man asked by BBC, for his thoughts on the RMT strike said that they didn’t have to strike at Christmas they could choose less busy times – the second most common misconception about strikes.

The first misconception is that those on strike are still paid. Nope, the striker’s pay will be docked by the length of the strike. The second most common misconception is that some workers shouldn’t have the right to strike. Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. Article 23 the right to come together and form trade union groups to defend our interests as workers. That’s what the RMT is doing. To choose a less busy time to strike would be daft – trade unions will strike when they have the most leverage. Unfortunately for everyone, they are up against a government whose right-wing MPs won’t let them negotiate. So the tories, desperate to improve in the opinion polls, are picking on their favourite targets: trade unions and immigrants.

I doubt that disabled passengers will be consulted about any modernisation plans for railways until after implementation when disabled passengers will have more dangerous journeys as a result. Disabled customers should be considered and consulted first as if you’ve considered the difficulties they face; you will have considered ALL the difficulties any passengers face. Guards, many ex-military, assist disabled passengers, prevent sexual assaults, and break up fights. They spot things the driver will not be aware of and call the emergency services. People will die on trains without guards.

Please read about what they actually via the link below. They safeguard, but the train companies are not interested in safeguarding passengers – they have probably already risk assessed what damage not having guards could cost them and decided it’s worth it.


I feel more confident entrusting my safety while on a train to RMT members than the train companies!

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