I know strikes hurt, but…

Anyone who clapped for healthcare workers must support nurses on strike or be a hypocrite.

Every day a worker is on strike, they lose a day’s pay. When the prime minister blames it on ‘union bosses,’ he knows that’s not true – due to tory legalisation, trade unions are the most regulated membership organisations. Strikes can only be declared by balloting the membership.

The problem we have is 12 years of tory rule – they’ve done what they always do – use every opportunity they can to run down public services while giving tax breaks to the most wealthy. The direct result of this is an NHS on its knees and services so rundown that migrants are blamed because “this country is too small for anymore” – that lie got us Brexit – which compounds the economic problems we have, including staff shortages. We’re not too small; we’re too rundown. I’m not arguing for re-entering the EU as we are an island nation – island nations are the first to want to isolate during crises. We need a decent trade deal with the EU – still the most successful trading block ever on Earth.

Only 11% of nurses are male – another reason they have always been treated so badly. When the prime minister threatens more anti-union legislation, he is trying to look tough by bullying the trade union movement all to cover tory governments’ incompetence. This government has no moral foundation left at all, and I can’t think of a better illustration of that fact than the nurses will be striking for the first time in NHS history this Thursday. So if you clapped for nurses support their strike.

#Clap4StrikingNurses #Beep4StrikingNurses #SaveOurNHS

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