Nurses to go on strike at last! However, Royal College of Nursing has a culture of bullying & harassment according to report RCN commissioned

Unlike doctors nurses have never been encouraged to know their value – I hope this is about to change. Report on the strikes RCN has a culture of bullying and harassment embedded in their union. Of their ruling council of seventeen 10 are women but 90% of the membership are women and they have only one council member who is black. Though credit where credit it’s due – it was the new General Secretary, Pat Cullen who commissioned the report. Guardian Report on leaked RCN report Jeremy Hunt says there isn’t any more money for nurses. Whilst, not a conspiracy theorist, running down the NHS to the point the tories may try to bring in private companies to run it: like they did the rail network – that went well! It’s a worry – I’d like to think the electorate and medical professions would not stand for it but then the electorate was persuaded to vote to leave the EU by Boris Johnson!


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