Iran & China

Two countries, the first a religious dictatorship, the second communist – both currently having mass protests against the form of government imposed upon them. Both regimes are supportive of the other.

The courage of the protesters in China & Iran is breathtaking but pointless without support from the armed forces?

However the longer protests last the more likely it is that armed forces will change sides Lastest report from China – the blank sheets of paper – is a brilliant idea. Dr. Yu Jie, a Senior Research Fellow on China at Chatham House discusses the protests across China, and what they mean for the future of President Xi. Dr Francis Fukuyama, the political scientist and senior fellow at Stanford University. And the man who, 20 years ago, famously predicted that liberal democracies would triumph – and we would reach The End of History – discusses what he thinks about the current wave of protests by people in authoritarian countries like China, Iran, and Russia.

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