A minister who can not manage his own behaviour should not be trusted to manage anything!

Sir Gavin Williamson sent abusive texts to chief whip Wendy Morton Photo Reuters

Angry at not being invited to the Queen’s funeral (typically bullies can’t stand a loss of status,) the minister sent a string of abusive texts. He’s threatens her.

Text September 23rd 2022

SGW:       Think very poor how PC’s (Privy Councilors) who aren’t favoured have been excluded from funeral. Very poor and sends very clear message.

WM (Chief Whip in charge of party discipline):      That’s not the case Gavin.

SGW:       Well certainly looks it which thinks is very sh*t and perception becomes reality. Also don’t forget I know how this works so don’t puss me about. (He used to be chief whip – in charge of party discipline – yet more status and probably how he got to be Sir even though sacked twice as a minister – once for leaking info and then for incompetence over exams during covid fiasco)

WM:      As I said above that’s simply not the case Gavin. The number of places allocated was extremely limited.

SGW:       It’s very clear how you are going to treat a number of us. Which is very stupid and you are showing f*** all interest in pulling things together. Don’t bother asking for anything from me. “The number of places allocated was extremely limited.” Also this shows exactly how you have rigged it is disgusting how you are using her death to punish people who are just supportive, absolutely disgusting.

WM:      Gavin, again, this is not the case whatsoever

SGW:       Well let’s see how many more times you f*** us all over. There is a price to pay for everything.

Text October 27th 2022

WM:      Morning Gavin I hear from your whip you are probably not voting this evening. Is there a problem? We are on a 3 line whip (rule must vote). Thanks

SGW:       Thank you for the patronising and condescending tone. You’re welcome to come and see me and explain. Best wishes. You do know you can speak to people in your job you don’t just text them.

WM:      There is absolutely no need for you to take this tone Gavin. I am trying to help.

SGW:       How are you?

WM:      I’m fine

SGW:       No how are you helping but very glad you are fine. Look at my voting record, step back and think how you are dealing with people and then maybe talk to people. I am currently with very poorly dog and the vets so I will give you sometime to reflect on how you are dealing and treating people.

WM:      I need no lecture from you Gavin when I ask a civil question. I will call you later.

Cabinet minister Oliver Dowden, interviewed by Laura Kuenssberg on her BBC Sunday morning programme, said Sir Gavin sent texts to Ms Morton “in the heat of the moment at a very difficult time”. That Gavin was “frustrated” at the then government, but accepts that he “shouldn’t have sent them and he regrets it”. Under pressure acts like three year old without impulse control!

Added to which Conservative party chairman Sir Jake Berry MP says he told now prime minister Sunak, about the Wendy Morton complaint accusing Sir Gavin of “bullying and intimidation” on 24 October. So much for Sunak’s promise of ‘integrity, professionalism, and accountability’ 

Basically what you have with a manager, who can’t manage their own behaviour, is a child inside an adult’s body.


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