4 things you should avoid doing when joining any workplace

Four ways that those joining a workplace can be groomed
  1. Never apologise for something that isn’t your fault, or someone may take this as a sign that you will accept responsibility for other things that aren’t your responsibility.
  2. Again, don’t let people dismiss your skills or enthusiasm; some will take this as a sign that you will tolerate taking the blame for things that aren’t your fault.
  3. Everyone makes mistakes – apprentices, especially they are learning – that’s the point! Mistakes are never an excuse to treat someone abusively – if a manager can not manage their own behaviour, they shouldn’t be a manager.
  4. If something sounds a little odd (like an indirect threat, for example), always ask a question – even if that’s “I didn’t catch that, what did you say?” As this gives you time to compute what is being said to you, and it shows a potential bully that you will question them – so it can stop potential bullies in their tracks.

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