So how does a bully redeem themselves?

What would Jeremy Kyle have to do to persuade people he could be trusted with a daytime audience again? I think if I were ITV I’d invite Jeremy back to host a series that genuinely tried to helped disadvantaged people. Not just the people Jeremy thought worthy but those with the types of issues he used to taunt. This time his job would be to learn to understand their circumstances, to empathize and to help them find solutions that would work for them. How did they get trapped? How would systems need to change to help them escape? Or even prevent them getting trapped in the first place. I have heard Jeremy say that the programme made him aggressive – if so then it’s the character Jeremy I’m referring to.

I’d kick it off with Jeremy learning to mediate as to do that successfully he would have to change.

Taken from 2011 Mediation Manual from Consensio partners resolution Ltd. The four principles of mediation are:

1. Mediation is voluntary “…and parties must feel that they have made an informed decision to be at mediation so that they can fully and confidently engage with the process.” If either or both parties are forced into mediation then they will be unable to own the content or outcome so resulting in further conflicts.

2. What goes on within mediation must remain confidential – in TV terms that the programme could only be broadcast with the participants permission once the mediation was over and after they had viewed it “….confidentiality should engender trust in the parties to communicate with the mediator and with each other in an open and honest manner.” Mediators and programme makers would be bound by this until after broadcast, with the normal statutory exceptions.

3. The mediators must be impartial: “Impartiality is imperative to the mediation process as it allows the parties to speak about their conflict without feeling judged or blamed for it.” If impartiality is breached parties can lose faith in the mediators and the process.

4. Self-determination is crucial. “Self-determination empowers the parties to discuss what it is that they need to discuss in the mediation process to enable them to come to a resolution that is workable and that they feel ownership over.” Self-determination future-proofs the parties’ continuing relationship. Without the buy-in of self-determination, the first conflict may prove to be only round one of a series!

If these four principles are adhered to mediation does work, I was sceptical until I saw it happen. So in short for a bully, redemption can be earned, at the cost of honest reflection and a demonstration that lessons have been learnt and with the targets’ buy-in. ITV would need to get the families of those who died to buy-in to the idea of redeeming ‘Jeremy Kyle.’

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