Bullying costs lives!

Jeremy Kyle Show: Death on Daytime

Bullying leading to suicide; Steve Dymond was not the only life lost due to how this programme operated. Fourteen years before Steve Dymond killed himself, Erica Pawson took her life after her partner says she was manipulated by the programme into splitting up with him. After Steve Dymond died, a producer who felt responsible also took her own life.
Please watch Channel 4’s documentary – “Jeremy Kyle: Death on Daytime – it serves up just about everything that’s wrong with our culture. Vulnerable, poverty-stricken people – such as those leaving care, are ill-equipped to lead healthy, happy lives. As guests on this programme, they were pumped up to “kick-off” by exhausted workers. Such guests were then tormented by Jeremy Kyle – a public school-educated presenter who, like most bullies, was too cowardly to face the investigation into his programme in parliament. All this juxtaposed with the last Labour Government. Tony Blair – again a public schoolboy, arrogantly comfortable judging those who had none of the advantages he’d had, with his ASBOs and “Education, Education, Education”. The minimum wage only gets you so far – As Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Judging by BREXIT and a massive Conservative majority, not very good! A Labour government should be about empowering working class people not about judging them.


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