Why bullying in the NHS will get worse!

Bullies look for 3 things from employment: Status, Power, and Opportunity. The status gained from working for the NHS has probably never been higher, the NHS is very hierarchical and pressure will rise due to increasing staff shortages and exhaustion. If you look at those on the frontline – doctors have always been worshipped, don’t get me wrong they are critical to our health but that doesn’t mean they are automatically always right. When they are wrong, lessons need to be learned. The NHS should be somewhere where people feel safe to question practice and where doctors or nurses who do harm should be sacked. If the government can not afford NHS workers a decent pay rise then they should at the very least offer them safety at work. That’s also critical to patients as bullying is often a cover for bad practice.

#bullyingInNHS #DoNoHarm #workplacebullying

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