“Management Today” called right



Why am I harping on about Boris? I think the most crucial line in Sue Grey’s report is, “Some staff wanted to raise concerns about behaviours but felt unable to do so.” Any organisation where that is the case will have compliance problems and potentially illegal activity. Such cultures breed entitlement, and the ‘entitled’ always make their worst mistakes when at their most arrogant. That was true of the RBS and Fred Goodwin, BBC and Jimmy Savile, and Miramax and Harvey Weinstein – I think it will prove the case with Boris.

Like Trump, Boris will try to cling to power by any means possible though I doubt he’ll get a riot! I think it’s good in the media that an understanding of integrity and genuine empathy has been highlighted – it’s just a pity Boris doesn’t have any! What made it clear about how much trouble Boris is in is his talking to MPs about how he nearly died from Covid when his comments at the time brushed it off, the fake news he tried by linking Keir Starmer to Jimmy Savile and met police saying they have 300 pictures of the Number 10 parties. @BorisJohnson #SueGrayReport #workplacebullying #bullying #bullyingawareness #bullyingprevention

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