I hope 2021 is a watershed year for our police forces

I hope all police officers now understand that unacceptable behaviours can no longer be hidden. If you cannot treat everyone with respect you cannot be a police officer. With one exception all of the following officers were either sacked or told they would have been sacked had they not resigned.
  • PC Deniz Jaffer and PC Jamie Lewis – for photographing murdered Sisters Bibaa Henry and  Nicole Smallman. Harry Chandler, dismissed without notice for a related offense. IOPC regional director Graham Beesley said: “His dismissal sends a clear message that the use of offensive language, whether on or off duty, is wholly unacceptable.”
  • PC Ryan Connolly for photos he took of himself lying down at the scene of the killing of Daniel Gee-Jamieson and another of a man suffering a mental health crisis and having sent “appalling” racist homophobic, and offensive images via WhatsApp.
  • PC Josh Perkins for inappropriately touching colleagues during a social.
  • PC Andrew Bell for uploading indecent pictures of himself onto a swingers website.
  • PC James Topp for goading a homeless man before pushing him to the ground.
  • DS Oliver Lage, DS Gregory Willcox, and PC James Oldfield dismissed, retired Detective Inspector Tim Ireson and former PC Craig Bannerman heard they would have been sacked if they had not already resigned. All were members of Hampshire Police’s Serious Organised Crime Unit – after a bugging device recorded them making remarks, including about migrants drowning in the sea.
  • And the exception – ex police officer Harry Miller expressed the kind of views about gender reassignment that should be sackable had he still been a police officer. Yes, the police dealt with him too harshly – I wonder if that’s because they knew what he was like and were concerned about what he would do next?
  • I’m not having a massive pop at the police; I’m just emphasizing that it is a public service where everyone has the right to be treated with respect whatever protected characteristic they have or whether they live in poverty, or are wealthy. I think 2 cases that underline this are: the girls groomed for sexual abuse in Rotherham and the gay men the police should have been quicker to protect from Stephen Porter. Police Officers should demonstrate the best of us, not the worst. It To show what difference discriminatory thinking makes to police investigations please watch the BBC’s “Four Lives” 4 gay men killed, Anthony Walgate, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth, and Jack Taylor. The police assumed that their deaths were lifestyle choices! https://tinyurl.com/2p8sf6tt #fourlives
  • Silverlining North Yorkshire Police recognise incidents carried out by men and boys targeted at women and girls, simply because of their gender, as misogyny hate crime. This actually happened in 2017 – the oldest hate crime of them all!
  • There isn’t a positive concerning Sarah Everard. Perhaps now we all understand that today’s flasher is next week’s rapist. #saraheverard

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