Those who enable bullying and harassment.

The only positive that we can draw from the murder of Biba Henry & Nicole Hillman and the subsequent police conduct is the IOPC saying three officers who received the images but did not report them had a case to answer for misconduct. Finally, ‘bystanders’ being held accountable.

Enablers bear even more responsibility; they might be the bullies’ managers who have an investment in the bullying. For example, the bully may do their manager’s dirty work for them – disciplining and firing of staff, for example. Or they may willingly take the blame for their manager’s mistakes. They may be managers or supervisors promoted due to their loyalty to the bully. I think any investigation of a complaint of bullying and harassment has to look at the structures and people who enabled the abuse; they too have a responsibility – at the very least a duty of care to their staff.

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