Metropolitan police force do not see themselves as public servants, there to protect ALL London’s citizens.

Mina Smallman mother to murdered sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman tells it like it is in two clips – the first is the statement she made after the man who killed her 2 daughters was sentenced

The second is in the interview she gave to Simon Israel (Channel 4 News) after 2 police officers (PC Deniz Jaffer and PC Jamie Lewis) plead guilty to ‘misconduct in a public office.’

To recap – first, the family raising the alarm that the sisters were missing, inspired little action from the police to the point where Nicole Smallman’s boyfriend, Adam Stone, searched for and found the sisters’ dead bodies. Then 2 police officers tasked with security for the crime scene thought it appropriate to take pictures of the women’s dead bodies as if they were a tourist attraction. If it had been white women, their disappearance would have been taken more seriously, and their dead bodies would have been treated with respect.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct said Lewis had “used degrading and sexist language to describe the victims.” A spokesperson confirmed the remarks were directed at the murder victims, and it was fair to characterise the remarks as insulting.

Contrast all this with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, “I deeply regret that at a time when they were grieving the loss of their loved ones who were taken in such awful circumstances, they faced additional distress caused by the actions of two police officers. What former PC Jaffer and PC Lewis chose to do that day was utterly unprofessional, disrespectful, and deeply insensitive.” I think her muted language and tone adds further insult; was she not disgusted or revolted? Simon Israeli’s voice demonstrates the disgust that Cressida Dick’s does not.

Mina Smallman also criticized the IOPC as not being truly independent – when they can only investigate the police at the police force’s discretion?

The IOPC has said that three officers who received the images but did not report them had a case to answer for misconduct. Finally, ‘bystanders’ are accountable.

However, the police will need to dig deep to drag their attitude into the 21st century: apparently, Jaffer was a mentor for new recruits! All this behaviour is rooted in the fact that these two men left school with hate in their hearts and that is the biggest failing in our school system. #TruthToPower #MetPolice

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