What’s wrong with current anti bullying and harassment training?

I’m currently reading ‘The Shield of Silence,’ by Lauren Stiller Rikleen, it’s not an easy read. But it has crystallized my thinking about the current gaps in effective anti-bullying and harassment training. Please don’t misunderstand me; I’m not trying to replace existing training with my own. My work is an additional, more practical way of looking at the issues. I want to fill the gaps in understanding the individuals involved – bully, target, bystander, HR, and management. 

  1. Current training tends to be legalistic. This is unhelpful because, by the time an employee puts in a complaint to their employer, leave alone lodging at a tribunal, the damage has already been done. Damage is not just to the target’s mental health but to their ability to do their job, workplace morale, best practices, and the workforces’ ability to report breaches of regulation or illegal activity. Once witnesses have seen someone bullied and have not intervened, they have been successfully groomed to remain silent on any issue regarding the perpetrator.

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