A thought for the Bank holiday

The only reason to being connected with me is that I can help to end bullying and harassment in your workplace or make sure it never happens.

Bullying and harassment costs industry £billions each year in lower morale, higher sick leave, lower productivity. Such a business loses talent as it decides life is too short to work in a toxic environment. Finally, your business could lose its most precious commodity; its reputation: if what is happening, is made public. I was working at the BBC when Savile was exposed. It took years for the BBC to regain its status. Panorama has also damaged the reputation of its news and current affairs department. What is so frustrating is that the panorama scandal was so preventable – no one listened to the graphic designer; the macho culture wouldn’t tolerate questioning – which is what BBC News & Current Affairs are supposed to be doing!

As I’ve said before bullies are attracted to employers who can give them – Status, Power & Opportunity; making the media, banking, charities, and the NHS at particular risk. However, such scandals are preventable let me show you how – if you can’t come to the FREE launch at 12-noon on Wednesday 15th September – there is an alternative. I’ve started to hold individual launches; this seems to work well as I can tailor what I do appropriately depending on the business’ needs. So please either book a place for the September launch (link to the right) or message me dates and times when I can talk you through what I do. This is FREE takes only 1 hour- you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain

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Wishing you have a wonderful bank holiday


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